Servicing and MOTs


As a Mini owner you know that annual servicing is essential to keep you Mini in usable condition. Unlike modern vehicles your mini requires regular servicing. We recommend every 6,000 miles or once a year for manual cars and every 3,000 for an automatic. Unlike your local garage we know what it takes to keep a mini on the road. We can cater for all your classic minis servicing needs be it standard or modified. We definitely recommend giving your car a thorough check over underneath to see that it is properly weather proof to prevent deterioration of the bodywork. 


We can provide an MOT service via an independent testing station. We will pre check and carry out any necessary repairs need whether it be mechanical or body work to obtain and MOT certificate. 

General / Insurance repairs

We are also happy to carry out any other types of repairs to your mini no matter how small the job. It is also worth remembering that most insurance companies will allow you to select the garage to carry out repairs. This is worth noting as most insurance approved repairers are geared up for modern cars and will not take the time or show the attention to detail required to repair your mini to our high standards. 

Services we provide: