About The Mini Works

The Mini Works was established in 2007 by Simon Drew and Owen Cooper. We decided to build a small and dedicated company which would allow us to guarantee a personal service.

From our own workshop and garage experience we know what works and what doesn't and from this can advise on all aspects of the Mini, be it standard or modified whatever the needs. We have also worked on all manner of cars from Ford RS models to Bentleys.

We pride ourselves on being 100% honest and we will not make false promises or give you a low quote only to see it shoot up in the first week. We believe in keeping the customer fully aware of exactly what is required and any potential pit falls. We have no problem in letting any customer come to us and see how things are getting on whenever they please, however be aware coffee making duties may be required!

The Mini Works would like to thank all its customers, friends and the people who have helped and strived to make it happen, with special note to Robin Gray and Owen Cooper who left to pursue other careers but will always be a part of The Mini Works history.

Simon Drew
A Mini enthusiast, passionate about minis, he has been restoring, owning and tuning minis since 1988. He has grown a vast knowledge of what it takes to build the right car having made the mistakes in the past to get to where he is today. He has a enviable collection of Minis that he actively uses and have been featured in various magazines. He is also an active member of the Mini Cooper Register and regularly takes part in the Minis to Monte trips. His dedication and attention to detail prevails in all aspects of the work we carry out at The Mini Works and if there is anyone that eats, sleeps, breathes Minis...it's Simon!

The Team
Others in our team include Nick McLaren, usually found welding in our workshop; and, Ryan Samson, stock controller in our Parts and Spares department.

Our behind the scenes team includes Patricia Käsehagen Webb, Photojournalist, Facebook Administrator and Public Relations Coordinator, Downton Photography; and, Ben Webb, Media and IT Specialist.

Services we provide: