Services - Body Work & Painting

Body Work

All Minis will inevitably rust. Later models are more prone than the early ones and the first signs of rust can be see in the following places:

  • On the front panel to wing seams and around headlights.
  • Along the bottom front edge of the bonnet.
  • On the wing to scuttle panel seams.
  • On the scuttle panel under the windscreen seal.
  • Up the back edge of the "A" panel.
  • Along the length of the sills
  • The very front edge of the boot floor.

In singular cases a full restoration would be a step to far, as this type of work can be carried out with at most the interior or the affected area stripped and new panels welded in place.

Severe rot may require a full front, rear or even floor section replacement and even though some Minis can look quite good, until you start poking around you never know.

Bad repairs can cause more problems than they fix. Poor welding, filler, glass fibre, etc can actually rot the car more as it is trapping water and moisture in areas which will not be properly protected. In most cases correctly fitting new panels is the only way to deter future tears. There are a few "patchwork quilts" out there....


We can carry out all painting in house whether it be for component refurbishment, a small repair of a fully respray inside and out. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can achive a high quality zero "orange peel" finish that will last for many years to come.

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