At The Mini Works our aim is to restore any model of mini regardless of it current condition. We cary out everything from a new front / back end, all the way to a full nuts and boltes restoration. No project is too big.

All panels are available for the mini making all projects viable. We would aim to restore a car to its original factory specification but we are more than happy to accommodate any customer requirements. Common changes include engine/gearbox upgrades, bodywork modifications, bespoke interior/paintwork etc. We are more than happy to discuss any requirements.

We have fully equipped workshop and garage facilities. All aspects of your restoration will be handled in house. This can allow us to have full control over the whole process allowing us to maintain our high standards throughout.

A typical restoration would involve the following:

  • The car would be stripped on all components right down to the bare shell.
  • All corroded panel and areas are cut out.
  • The car can either be sand blasted or chemically dipped to take it back to the bare metal. (This gives a rust free place to start).
  • New panels are now welded in, any area of the body where replacement panels cannot be us are repaired by butt-welding in sheet metal. Once painted this will give and invisible repair.
  • We all take pride in the fact that we will also weld and shape front panel to wing and wing to scuttle seams. (Unlike sealer or body filler this gives a very long lasting finish) (see pictures in bodywork section)
  • All areas on the shell that at inaccessible after panels are fitted are painted prior to welding to ensure corrosion protection. (this would apply to areas such as the inner sill before the out sill is fitted).
  • The whole shell would now be etch primed (This is a primer that bites into the metal giving a good base for the next coat).
  • All other welded seams are now treated with anti-corrosion primer and seam sealer.
  • The under side of the car would be painted with a zinc primer for extra protection and then treated with stone chip (This is a rubberised coating that looks like orange peal, used on modern cars. This helps stones bounce of the paint work.
  • The exterior of the car would now be painted with a high build primer and shaped up for the top coat to go on.
  • The final colour would now go one, allowed to harden and then buffed and polished to a high shine.
  • With the shell complete cavity wax can now be added for maximum protection against rust.

As for the major components of your car we would normally try to recondition as many as possible but obviously many parts will need replaced as part of the restoration process. As this includes every single component on the car the list can be very lengthy. We would normally expect to rebuild the engine and gearbox as well as ancillaries such as the carburettor, distributor etc. As for the running gear we feel the the best way to go is to powder coat and assemble with stainless steel nuts and bolts for the most durable and presentable finish.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and originality. There is a vast amount of new parts available but some are now obsolete and because of this we hold a great deal of New old stock or second hand parts focusing on MKI and MKII. This will allow us to complete your restoration with just the right component you need.

Now that your car is fully restored all that is needed is a comprehensive road test and an MOT.

Every part of our restoration process is carried out to the highest standards and attention to detail producing a car that is built to better that factory specifications.


  • We now have a large stock of chemically dipped components that can be painted or powder coated. These can be exchanged for your old components before fitting allowing for a faster service. We now stock imperial nuts and bolts in stainless steel. These can also be used during the restoration process for the ultimate longevity.

Please contact us to discuss your restoration needs!

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