KSA 428P - 1975 Austin Mini 1000

The owners of KSA 428P - "Zebedee" - came to us with a painted shell for this Austin Mini 1000.  The project had been ongoing for several years, and finally, with shell painted and the car in bits, the owners decided to enlist us for some professional help to put the car back together.

While an assembly job sounds it should be relatively straight forward, this one really required the skills of a specialist, as there were many parts missing, with little reference on how they were originally.  In particular, the interior need a full replacement.  There aren't many "original" mini 1000s left on the road that haven't been customised over and over again.  The owners were quite keen to have the car appear as it left the factory, so we did our research and found the correct colour interior and carpets when reassembling the car back again.

We got the car up and running and road worthy again!



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