1962 Austin Cooper S

177 BVE is a 1962 Austin Cooper owned by Guy Munday.  This “privateer” rally car has undergone a full nuts and bolts restoration by The Mini Works. 

The car has been rebuilt with a Cooper S engine and a few extra ancilliaries which you will note under the bonnet!  The dash and the interior have been restored in privateer style with some interesting 60s gauges and dash components, as well as a non-traditional black interior. 

The car was extensively rallied between 1964 and 1970 throughout the UK.  Rallies included the Welsh International Rally, the Gulf London Rally, and the RAC rallies, to name a few! Due to a few bumps and bruises gained throughout its sporting career, it had 2 makeovers from its original Fiesta Yellow spec, to end up with a Tartan Red / OEW roof. In the late 60s, the car also underwent a performance upgrade, to a 1275 engine with supporting running gear.

Mr. Munday has chosen to restore it to its "finest hour" - the 1969 RAC rally - and has had all the stickers and badges replicated.  Until being acquired by him, this 1962 Austin Cooper was a one owner car.

As a result, there is lots of original paperwork and photographs supporting its sporting history!

177 BVE during the 1969 RAC Rally

177 BVE after its restoration!

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